Why Should You Have A Pulse Oximeter In Your First Aid Kit?

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A Pulse Oximeter is an essential device to have in your first aid kit, as it can provide life-saving information about the oxygen saturation levels of a person's blood. With this vital data, you'll be able to quickly assess whether or not someone needs medical attention and even save lives in critical situations! Pulse oximeters are small, portable devices that can be easily stored in any first aid kit and used at a moment’s notice.

Using a pulse oximeter is fairly simple and easy to do: simply place the device on the person's finger or ear lobe, turn it on, and wait for the results. The device will then measure your oxygen saturation levels and provide a numerical readout of the results. A normal oxygen saturation level should be anywhere between 95 – 100 percent, while anything lower can be indicative of serious medical problems.

Having a pulse oximeter in your first aid kit is essential because it can provide you with critical information about a person's oxygen levels when they need help the most. By being able to quickly assess and monitor the oxygen saturation levels of a person, you can provide them with essential medical attention if necessary. In critical situations, this simple device can be the difference between life and death!

Overall, having a pulse oximeter in your first aid kit is an invaluable tool to have on hand for any emergency situation. It's easy to use, provides accurate readings of oxygen saturation levels, and can help you provide potentially life-saving medical attention when it's needed the most. If you don't have one in your first aid kit already, we strongly recommend that you invest in one today!

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