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Wheelchair, Rollator, Cushions, Blood Pressure Monitor, Thermometer, Fetal Doppler, Pulse Oximeter, Weighing Scales & Tens Units

Welcome to Santa Medical. We are your one stop shop for members of the medical community and home users to find quality medical products. Search our online catalog with just a few clicks of the mouse. Our inventory includes a broad range of products, such as Blood Pressure Monitor, Thermometer, Fetal Doppler, Pulse Oximeter, Weighing Scales & Tens Units.

A portable pulse oximeter provides an accurate and non invasive measurement of the oxygen saturation in the blood instantly. We offer a selection of FDA approved handheld pulse oximeter and finger pulse oximeter units. These quality medical devices are available for use by physicians in a doctor’s office or clinic and their patients at home.

Browse our online store to locate these devices and many other medical devices and equipment, including a portable tens unit. Our store is arranged by category to help you find high quality medical equipment, such as a digital tens unit, diagnostic equipment, wheelchairs and much more. Sign up for our free newsletter to get regular updates and information on medical equipment and devices.

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