Which Dehumidifier Do I Need?

A Dehumidifier is used to keep your surroundings moisture and simultaneously mold, bad odor and Infection free. Anything above the humidity level of 60% is considered as high. A humidity level of 30% to 50% is considered good. A good quality Dehumidifier will prevent your House, closet, RV or boat from:


  1. Mold or Mildew growth: These little troublemakers thrive in hot and humid conditions. Your bathroom, kitchen, garage, basement and rooms with seepage are quite susceptible to these fellows. Running a dehumidifier will keep the space free from such problems.
  2. Pest control: The areas with humidity are a perfect breeding ground for pests. They thrive and multiply quickly in these areas. Insects like cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and centipede crave a moist environment.
  3. Keeping allergies at bay: These humid conditions also are favored by dust mites and mold spores and airborne bacteria.

Apart  for these major reasons these dehumidifiers also help to ease the air conditioning of the space and are easy on the pocket.

There are many types of dehumidifiers but we are here discussing here the two most famous types – The thermoelectric dehumidifier and the rechargeable dehumidifier. Which dehumidifier is best for your needs? We tested one of these humidifiers by Gurin products.


Thermoelectric dehumidifier (also known as Peltier effect dehumidifiers)

This type of dehumidifier uses a solid state thermoelectric device that pumps heat from one side to the other when heat is applied. As air is drawn the air condenses and drips in the container below.

These Gurin humidifiers were  packed with user friendly features, ergonomic design and compact size for portability. Some of the outstanding features were:


  1. No harmful chemicals or solutions required.
  2. Built-in ventilation fan.
  3. Low energy Consumption.
  4. Ultra quiet operation.
  5. Simple one-switch operation.
  6. Built-in filtration system.

They came in 2 different sizes :

Midsize Dehumidifiers: These are Ideal for your boat, Bathrooms, RVs, midsized rooms etc. Having a capacity of 1500 ml these are the largest selling ones. You can view and purchase them on Amazon – Midsize Dehumidifiers

Compact dehumidifiers: These dehumidifiers were a little smaller than Midsized ones. But still packed a powerful punch and are ideal for spaces measuring up to 1100 cubic feet. This will cover small rooms, closets etc. You can purchase this at Amazon – Compact Dehumidifier.



Rechargeable Dehumidifier

Gurin DHMD – 110 was a Renewable wireless Dehumidifier. There is no need for a power supply hence can be used on the go. It is ideal for small enclosed spaces like closets and wardrobes. It uses advanced silica gel which adsorbs moisture and there is no scope of leakage or spills. Dehumidifire

The features are user friendly and a visual meter turns its color from pink to blue on getting wet. This generally takes 6-8 weeks according to the specifications. You could then recharge it (takes around 14 hours) via the given adaptor.

You can purchase this on Amazon – Rechargeable dehumidifier.

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