Otoscope/ Ophthalmoscope for Personal and Professional Use

Otoscope in simple terms is a device used by ENT specialists to look into the Ear and Throat to check for infections. It is a fairly simple device which every person can use. It comprises of a light source powered by a battery and a lens that is used for the magnification purposes. With certain precautions every person can use it in their homes and look for any infections or any other problems in the Ear.

Professional Otoscope

A feature of the Otoscope is a specula, which is a pointed tip that comes in various sizes and one has to choose a specula slightly smaller than the ear hole. If not the case (as with toddlers) then don’t go for it yourself. An otoscope makes it easier for you to dispel off any suspicion of ear infection in your child who cannot speak or talk yet.

Companies like Gurin and SantaMedical have been manufacturing these professional grade devices for many years. They now have different varieties of Otoscope with different packages of add-ons to suit the need of customers. The device has been made such that it is suitable for use by medical professionals, it pertains to all the industry standards.

Signs of Infection:

For those who will be using it for the first time there are certain things that you need to look for in an Ear.

  1. A red and Bulging/swollen Eardrum.
  2. A clear, yellow or greenish fluid behind the eardrum. Sometimes there can be some blood too.
  3. Buildup of Earwax inside the Ear.
  4. A hole in the Eardrum.

You need to take medical help when encountered with such issues. There are some precautions that you must take care of while using this device. These are:

  1. Pull the ear gently backward for toddlers and up and back for others to have a better look inside the ear.
  2. Keep your pinky/small finger outstretched so that it rests on the patient’s cheek. This would prevent the specula from going too deep into the ear.
  3. Ear canal is a very sensitive space so be cautious and keep looking through the Otoscope while going for it. You might have to move the otoscope to change the angle a little bit, this helps in aligning the otoscope to the eardrum.


The Features:

The Otoscope offered by Gurin and SantaMedical have a professional look and quality. The distinct features are:

  1. A pin contact fitting Otoscope head.
  2. A choice between different add-ons for 3 or 8 specula and a spare halogen lamp to suit different needs.
  3. A hard plastic case or leather bag packaging for safe storage.
  4. Different specula tips attach by a pin swivel into a groove at the tip of the otoscope. The magnifying lens swivels to suit your current need.
  5. An ergonomic design for better hold.
  6. Some models have chrome plated body making it stronger
  7. battery handle with bayonette-luer locking mount makes changing instrument heads easy
  8. Quality glass with scratch resistant coating.
  9. Runs with two “C” batteries (not included).

All these features make these Otoscopes a must have for all Medical professionals and households. Check out the website to get 20% discountSantaMedical.com. You can also visit Amazon and Walmart for the purchase.

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