Highest Rated Medical Pulse Oximeters

When we breath, the oxygen of air dissolves in to blood and gets bound to hemoglobin in blood. This bound form of oxygen can vary in various disease conditions and can be used as a monitoring tool for therapy for these conditions. The measure of saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen i.e. spO2 is indicated in percentage and this can be monitored with pulse oximeters.

Pulse oximeter is a non invasive tool for measuring oxygen saturation. The gold standard for the same still remains arterial blood gas analysis only however it requires sophisticated equipment along with the need to draw blood sample with a syringe. 

There are many different pulse oximeters available in the market from various brands. These pulse oximeters vary in their features, sizes, price and durability. One has to choose the oximeter for his or her requirements. A good pulse oximeter should have a finger grip which is adjustable and can accommodate fingers of all sizes without putting any extra attachment to it. It should give accurate readings with minimal variations. All pulse oximeters also indicate pulse rate along with oxygen saturation. There are pulse oximeters which show bar diagram and battery levels along with the above parameters. The display size should be sufficiently large to make it easy to be read by elderly also. The display should preferably be rotatable so that it can be viewed from any angle.

The battery is another important thing to consider while buying a pulse oximeter. It should function on regularly available battery with good back up time. It should have continuous monitoring feature along with auto power off feature too.  Many devices feature a single button on the device making it even easier to use. The device should be light weight and compact and should have a loop for attaching lanyard for ease of use. Durability and sturdiness remain important attributes amongst others.

Santamedical has been marketing various models of pulse oximeters which are available in different price segments with various features. Largely their oximeters are compact and light weight with professional grade accuracy. Powered with AAA sized batteries, the devices are suited for home as well as professional uses. The devices are amongst the best available in market and can easily be bought from Santamedical’s own website. So, if you plan to buy a pulse oximeter somewhere in near future, this brand definitely deserves a consideration.

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