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  • PAIN RELIEVER: Clinically-proven, natural and effective device for easing pain without requiring the user to take medicine for problem areas such as the back, joints, neck, knees, shoulders, ankles, legs, wrists, and elbows.
  • 16 PRE-PROGRAMMED MODES/INTENSITY ADJUSTMENT – Versatile unit delivers 16 different massage modes and 20 strength levels. The modes range from Shiatsu/Deep Tissue to Low Intensity with Kneading/Knocking, Cupping, Acupuncture, and Tapping as other options.
  • LARGE ANIMATED LCD SCREEN WITH BACKLIGHT – The animated icons on the LCD screen is easy to read. The backlight makes it easy to read at night or in the dark. – INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL – Clear product instructions, making the device quick and easy to set up.
  • PORTABLE: The device comes with a carrying bag, allowing you to carry it on the go and use when necessary. It is lightweight, small, and durable, and packs enough power to thoroughly massage your body, making it convenient to relax anywhere at any time.
  • FULLY CERTIFIED: This Tens Unit is fully compliant with FDA standards



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AccuraPulse Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

Why choose this device over any other?

Our fully automatic wrist blood pressure monitor was designed with your well-being and ease in mind. It has a large and easy-to-read LCD back lit screen with a memory capacity for 2 users and up to 60 readings. This device even allows you to take the average of the last three readings. It helps you keep track of your daily health in less than a minute per day.

The device comes with a Blood Pressure Level Indicator, Hypertension Indicator, Body Movement Indicator and an Irregular Heartbeat Detector.

With all these added features, you will receive all the benefits needed to keep up with your blood pressure and heart rate on the daily. Make this device as a part of your daily routine!

How to prepare and take your blood pressure at home?


Benefits of Daily Massage with SantaMedical Mini Penguin Massager.

Today in America most people understand the benefits of a massage as being a stress buster to be done during holidays. It is a costly affair and only the rich can afford those luxury spas and health clubs. people need to know how they can enjoy a free massage everyday and reap the numerous benefits it offers anywhere anytime.

A massage is a way of stimulating the Skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments by pressing and rubbing. It is being practiced for hundreds of years and even thousands of years in certain parts of the worlds. Today many corporate offices offer free massages to their employees just because of the reasons that you will be reading about.

There are many massaging devices like SantaMedical Mini Massager which offer deep tissue and muscle massage at the comfort of your homes. It combines two massage modes low and high for different areas of the body. These devices are portable and deliver effective massage just like a real one without the cost. Now let’s see why is this  massager recommended and what are the benefits.


Benefits and Features of a Digital Weighing Machine


In this world of digitization we need something that is fast, accurate and efficient at the same time. When it comes to weight management a Digital Weighing machine is what’s everybody wants. But how does having a personal machine going to help? Well that’s what most Americans are doing these days so there must be some good reason for this. Apart from this there are some basic features that must be in your device. We will be looking into that too.

bathroom scale

There are numerous benefits of having a personal machine. Apart from the convenience and freedom that it provides it also ensures consistency. The daily measurement of your weight helps you decide what you are going to do and eat during the day. It is essential for Americans because of the growing Obesity. In the end it becomes a personal choice to see whether you need a personal weighing machine or not.


The Essential Features


The Step On Technology: This is a must these days. You do not have to switch it on manually. This tech. detects the user’s movement and automatically powers up and powers down the machine. Just step on it, take the reading and leave. Convenience and energy efficiency at its best.

Extra large display: The display must be at least 4″ (read 4 inches). Otherwise it will be tiresome to bend down and then see the readings. One of the leading brands like Gurin offer Backlit 4.3″ display for use in darkness too!

High precision sensors: The sensors are the epicenter of the device. The quality of the sensors determines the accuracy of the machine. Leading companies like Gurin offer German engineered sensors which are the best in terms of quality and durability.

Tempered glass top: Your machine should have a scratch proof, non slippery and robust glass top. It is important that it does not break if someone heavy steps on it.

Measurement modes and Increments: The lower the measurement increments the more precise measurements you will get. It should be at least 0.2 lb (0.1 kg) for accuracy. Obviously it should have both the options of Pounds and Kilograms.

Maximum capacity: Different brands offer different capacities the most famous in these is the ones offering till 400 lb.

Warranty and freebies: Gurin offers a 2 year warranty on the machine which is according to the market standards. It also offers a Body tape measure absolutely free with this product.

All these features are a must in a digital weighing machine. In the end it should be from a trusted brand and should be fairly priced. The Gurin Weighing machine offers all this and much more check it out at Amazon.

The Benefits of Vapor Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Diffuser

In this day and age health is more than wealth. The condition of most Urban cities keeps us away from Nature and hence from the benefits of it. Our skin, brain and body requires Stress relief and Recreation on a daily basis to keep up with the goodness that we were born with. Here we need things like Yoga and Aromatherapy which keep the Mind, Body and Soul healthy.

Gurin Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is being practiced in this world for thousands of years and has helped many people in getting well both from inside and outside. Apart from that it also helps in creating a atmosphere which gives out wellness and prosperity. Gurin Essential oil diffuser works on Ultrasonic technology and is one of the leading brands on Amazon. The features of Gurin Diffuser that set it apart from others are:

  • Heat free diffusion technology for maintaining the essential properties of the oil.
  • You can set 6 different colors according to your mood with power saving LEDs.
  • Automatic shut off if the water level is below the safe range also enabling power saving.
  • Variable timers for 30, 60, 120 and 180 minutes for worry free operation.
  • Covers up to 220 sq feet with its aroma.

Combining the effects of the Aroma with the fast paced life an Ultrasonic Essential oil diffuser is the thing to get. It is fast, effective and completely environment friendly. People generally do not understand this but the Oil diffusers do not burn the oil but convert them into mists that retains the therapeutic properties of the Oil. The mist makes the healing effects of the oils available to the body through the skin and through the breath. There are numerous benefits of an Essential diffuser:

  • Healthy oils and their aroma improve the cognitive function of brain making it useful for students and office spaces.
  • Extremely helpful for people with depression and anxiety as it calms the nerves.
  • Works in problems like Indigestion, bloating and is remarkable for the people suffering from Migraines.
  • Increases the Lung capacity and enhances breathing.
  • Helpful in the healing process of both external and internal wounds.
  • Improves blood circulation in the body.
  • Gives relief from stress and Insomnia.

The medical benefits of Essential oils and their hassle free intermingling with our body creates an ambiance that promotes a positive outlook. You can get 20% discount by purchasing the Gurin Ultrasound Aromatherapy Essential Oil diffuser from the website.

Otoscope/ Ophthalmoscope for Personal and Professional Use

Otoscope in simple terms is a device used by ENT specialists to look into the Ear and Throat to check for infections. It is a fairly simple device which every person can use. It comprises of a light source powered by a battery and a lens that is used for the magnification purposes. With certain precautions every person can use it in their homes and look for any infections or any other problems in the Ear.

Professional Otoscope

A feature of the Otoscope is a specula, which is a pointed tip that comes in various sizes and one has to choose a specula slightly smaller than the ear hole. If not the case (as with toddlers) then don’t go for it yourself. An otoscope makes it easier for you to dispel off any suspicion of ear infection in your child who cannot speak or talk yet.

Companies like Gurin and SantaMedical have been manufacturing these professional grade devices for many years. They now have different varieties of Otoscope with different packages of add-ons to suit the need of customers. The device has been made such that it is suitable for use by medical professionals, it pertains to all the industry standards.


Infrared Thermometer- The Thing of Today

An Infrared thermometer is a Non-contact, Non-probing temperature measuring device. Also known as a laser thermometer or a temperature gun, it is a new, effective and cool way of measuring the temperature of any surface available. By any means this device is superior than the previous conventional Digital/Mercury thermometers.

Some of the basic differences between the laser and conventional thermometer are:


  1. No risk of contamination so readings can be taken quickly for any number of people. This makes it an extremely important product in case of Infectious diseases even more so in case of life threatening diseases like H1N1 fever (swine flu).
  2. Readings can be taken for any surface and not only your body or a liquid. You just need to point it to the object (like a frying pan) and it will tell you the readings.
  3. Its quicker than the conventional thermometer and measures the temperature in just few seconds. It also has the capability of real time monitoring if you keep the trigger pressed.

Companies like SantaMedical have had a long history with these devices. The Infrared thermometer that they have designed has always been ahead of the times. Apart from the features mentioned above the extra features about them are:

  1. New slim and Ergonomic design with large backlit LCD screen.
  2. Latest Infrared technology with around 3 degree accuracy.
  3. Intuitive guidance system to secure positioning and accurate reading.
  4. Body, Surface and Room temperature reading modes.
  5. Celsius and Fahrenheit readings.
  6. Adjustable audio alarm for high temperature. This helps in setting a limitation.
  7. Memory keeping tab of the last 32 recordings.
  8. Automatic power off for Energy saving.
  9. Low energy consumption with more than 100,000 readings on 2 AAA batteries (included).
  10. Water and Impact resistant design that makes it robust. This give it the ability to take more than 3,000,000 readings in its lifetime.


In addition to the above features the SantaMedical infrared thermometers or laser thermometers available in three designs are specially designed for Forehead or tear heads temperature detection from a distance of 1inch – 4 inches (5 cm -15 cm) with an 89 – 109 F (32 – 43 oC) temperature range.


A USP of the SantaMedical Infrared thermometers is that they have been specially calibrated. This helps to not only measure the external body surface temperature (Forehead) like other IR thermometers but also convert the reading to measure the internal body temperature, an important vital sign for Health.


All these factors make infrared thermometer a must have for every household. You can purchase it on leading websites like Amazon, Walmart and Groupon.