The Pulse Oximeter Trap

Low quantity of hemoglobin may impact the end result. Oxygen may be used to deal with fatigue for a symptom. In case the oxygen fully saturates the hemoglobin it raises the concentration of dissolved oxygen in plasma, producing the ability to get rid of extra carbon dioxide. Supplemental oxygen alongside exercise seems to help with tissue repair by eliminating extra carbon dioxide. Surplus carbon dioxide isn’t good for people.

Pulse Oximeter – What Is It?

Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive procedure for finding the oxygen saturation in a patient’s blood along with pulse prices. Pulse oximetry also isn’t a comprehensive measure of circulatory sufficiency. Pulse oximetry is a method of deciding the oxygen level in your blood, which is a significant indicator of your general health.

If you opt to purchase a device on the internet you can discover a range of eCommerce sites like Amazon and AllHeart together with through an immediate seller such as Oximeter Superstore and many more. The device employed for pulse oximetry is known as a pulse oximeter. It is placed on the patient’s finger. Oximeter devices continue to break ground not just in the hospital setting but in addition the home setting also.

New Questions About Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters are offered through many different retail channels in addition to online. Some pulse oximeters also provide a history save feature that will permit you to readily look up previous readings as a means to keep track of earlier recordings. Since it is one of the latest developments in the medicine, patients will benefit from many good points it has. Also referred to as a fetal pulse oximeter, pediatric pulse oximeters are intended to fit the more compact fingers of young kids and infants. Deciding on a superb pulse oximeter is easy as soon as you’ve identified your requirements and know what things to look for.

A pulse oximeter is extremely easy to use. It works quite effectively to measure the pulse rate as well as the blood oxygen saturation of an individual The device is only a fraction of the size of a typical cell phone and thus it is extremely portable. Or maybe you’d simply like to have your own pulse oximeter so that you can keep tabs on your wellbeing and keep on top of illness. Picking an adequate pulse oximeter from a trusted brand can enhance your probability of purchasing a system that will give you with reliable readings again and again.

The worth of supplemental oxygen isn’t evident from taking a look at pulse oximeter readings. It is not to saturate the hemoglobin more, it is already saturated in most cases, the value is to stimulate release of excess carbon dioxide. The worth of exercise is it aids the blood pick up extra carbon dioxide that has to be expelled from the body.

Highest Rated Medical Pulse Oximeters

When we breath, the oxygen of air dissolves in to blood and gets bound to hemoglobin in blood. This bound form of oxygen can vary in various disease conditions and can be used as a monitoring tool for therapy for these conditions. The measure of saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen i.e. spO2 is indicated in percentage and this can be monitored with pulse oximeters.

Pulse oximeter is a non invasive tool for measuring oxygen saturation. The gold standard for the same still remains arterial blood gas analysis only however it requires sophisticated equipment along with the need to draw blood sample with a syringe.

There are many different pulse oximeters available in the market from various brands. These pulse oximeters vary in their features, sizes, price and durability. One has to choose the oximeter for his or her requirements. A good pulse oximeter should have a finger grip which is adjustable and can accommodate fingers of all sizes without putting any extra attachment to it. It should give accurate readings with minimal variations. All pulse oximeters also indicate pulse rate along with oxygen saturation. There are pulse oximeters which show bar diagram and battery levels along with the above parameters. The display size should be sufficiently large to make it easy to be read by elderly also. The display should preferably be rotatable so that it can be viewed from any angle.

The battery is another important thing to consider while buying a pulse oximeter. It should function on regularly available battery with good back up time. It should have continuous monitoring feature along with auto power off feature too.  Many devices feature a single button on the device making it even easier to use. The device should be light weight and compact and should have a loop for attaching lanyard for ease of use. Durability and sturdiness remain important attributes amongst others.

Pulse oximeters are widely used in medical practice and play an important role in diagnosing and monitoring various respiratory and cardiopulmonary diseases including COPD, bronchitis and bronchial asthma. Apart from its medical uses, these oximeters are also being used by pilots, mountaineers, athletes and other sports enthusiasts. It can be used for planning work out schedules and also monitoring during the same.

Santamedical has been marketing various models of pulse oximeters which are available in different price segments with various features. Largely their oximeters are compact and light weight with professional grade accuracy. Powered with AAA sized batteries, the devices are suited for home as well as professional uses. The devices are amongst the best available in market and can easily be bought from Santamedical’s own website. So, if you plan to buy a pulse oximeter somewhere in near future, this brand definitely deserves a consideration.

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What is Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeter is a non-invasive method of measuring oxygen saturation of hemoglobin  by putting the transducer probe on skin. It measures the oxygen saturation in percentage and the normal value for it is 95 percent and values below 92 % are considered abnormal. The equipment also displays the heart rate normal range for which is 60-100 beats per minute. Pulse less than 60 can be noted in athletes and it is expected to rise in fever and other pathological conditions.

Personal Pulse Oximeter For Home Use

Hand held pulse oximeter is an ultra portable device which can easily be used for oxygen saturation of blood in patients with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases such as COPD or cardiac failure. The device makes it easy to keep a meticulous record and help the physician to modify the treatment based on the response. It also helps to regulate the oxygen requirement and rationalize the therapy. The use of home based pulse oximeter has gone beyond medical indications.  The device is finding it’s use amongst athletes, sports enthusiasts and body builders who use it for planning their work out schedules.

For Patients With COPD

People suffering from asthma and other lung diseases need to keep a track of their SpO2 readings, requiring a quality device displaying accurate stats of their oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. Accurate readings are out most important, especially when patient is active and their SpO2 level is dropping. SantaMedical invented Pulse Oximeter trusted and preferred by many elite doctors and health care institutes of USA. SantaMedical offers different variants of pulse oximeter and all the devices are certified by FDA.

Smooth Performance

SantaMedical is using the advanced technology to uphold your expectations and give you smooth and unparalleled performance. The device passes the upright light adept to measure the accurate readings and helps you to make better decisions.

Why Use A Pulse Oximeter

  1. To monitor the level of physical activity: People requiring monitoring of oxygen saturation levels of blood can use pulse oximeter conveniently at the comfort of home and can easily monitor the level of physical activity which keeps their blood saturation limit in acceptable range. Similarly, the work out schedules can be planned for even healthy individuals.
  2. Goal of monitoring SpO2 : Oxygen saturation monitoring facilitates the treatment goal of your physician by accurate measurement of the same during various physical activities. The easy record keeping within the device lets you keep track of the saturation levels at different times. Generally physicians recommend SpO2 levels more than 90% at all times.
  3. Titration of oxygen therapy : Oxygen saturation monitoring also enables the patient to titrate his therapy. Patients who are on long term oxygen therapy can keep their oxygen flow under check and set the flow rates minimum for optimal saturation levels and also saving on the number of oxygen cylinders. It can easily allow longer periods of stay away from home and allows more economy on oxygen consumption.
  4. Home monitoring of therapy: Cardiopulmonary patients requiring oxygen therapy can be monitored at home with this simple device. It can be used for pulmonary rehabilitation of such patients by training them to sustain through their periods of breathlessness and allowing them to use the supplemental oxygen optimally.

How Does Pulse Oximeter Work

Blood carries oxygen to various tissues of the body binding it with haemoglobin present in it. The oxygenation of haemoglobin happens in lungs where blood passes through thin capillaries close to alveoli. This oxygen is supplied to the peripheral tissues through arteries. One can draw arterial blood and measure the oxygen saturation accurately.

Alternatively, hand held pulse oximeter can be used which gives fairly accurate reading without having drawn a single drop of blood. The device is attached to the finger tip where it passes a beam of light through the finger tip and the received light is analyzed for saturation levels of the blood. It gives the reading almost instantly with fair accuracy.

How To Choose Best Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeter is a medical use device which has to have a fair amount of accuracy for it to be safe and effective for use. While choosing your pulse oximeter you need to keep following things in your mind.

  1. Accuracy: since the device plays an important role in the management of cardiopulmonary patients, it is essential for the device to be fairly accurate. The record of readings of the device helps titrate the oxygen therapy. Santamedical has been an established name in electro-medical devices and it’s pulse oximeter gives reliable accuracy. It is also dependable in low circulation conditions and dark skin pigmentation where ordinary pulse oximeter might not preform reliably.
  2. Universal Applicability : The device should be designed in a way that the same device can be used for different sizes of fingers. There should not be any requirement of separate attachments for use in different finger sizes. Santamedical pulse oximeter provides the comfortable grip which doesn’t slip while the device gives the precise reading.
  3. Best warranty: The device you choose should be equipped with best of the terms of service and warranty. Santamedical pulse oximeter comes with 100 percent money back guarantee; if you don’t like the product, you can return it!
  4. Durability of the product : the product you buy should be strong enough to last you thousands of uses. The product should be sturdy and at the same time light weight. Santamedical pulse oximeter is one of the most durable oximeter in the market.
  5. User friendly : the device should be user friendly in terms of use. It should store previous readings on its own and should be readily available for future reference. Also it should give the reading quickly enough to maintain the comfort in use.
  6. Safety: the device should be safe to the user as well as to the environment. It should not release harmful chemical to the environment. Also, it should match the international safety and standardisation parameters. 

How to use a Pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter finger grip area contains a light which should be placed on the side of nail. Putting your finger in to the grip area will provide you with the reading almost instantly. Nail paints, artificial nails or cold periphery can affect your spO2 reading. Smoking reduces oxygen carrying capacity of blood and should be avoided prior to spO2 measurement.

Oxygen saturation of the blood is doesn’t always corroborate with your shortness of breath. Level of physical activity along with other factors has got a role to play. Continuous pulmonary rehabilitation has got important role to play.

Normal reading of pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter measures oxygen carrying capacity of blood by measuring the saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen. It fluctuates with the physical activity and your cardiopulmonary health. It’s not always a constant reading and normally also it can vary from individual to individual. The normal value for SpO2 is more than 95%. However, in all circumstances it should remain more than 92%. To find out your regular SpO2 levels, you need to take your SpO2 readings four times a day approximately 6 hours apart for 5 days. This way you can find out your average SpO2 for future reference.

Also, your SpO2 is affected during sports activities or other physical activities. It is also affected by the status of your respiratory health. COPD which includes Chronic bronchitis and Emphysema is the common entity encountered as a cause of low SpO2 in elderly people. Also acute bronchial asthma and influenza cause fall in SpO2. It can also be used in chronic debilitating illnesses like cancer etc for monitoring the general condition of the patient.

One should be aware of these causes but the list is not exhaustive and it should be born in mind that any fall in SpO2 should immediately be reported to your physician for optimisation of ongoing therapy as the devices are meant only for self monitoring purposes and do not replace the arterial blood gas analysis which stands as the gold standard for measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide saturation levels.

Track your SpO2 levels

Wide spread availability of BP instruments and glucometers have made the home monitoring of these parameters a common entity and it helps guiding the treatment. Similarly, now SpO2 level monitoring is also easy. One can keep a track of it along with the date and time, level and kind of physical activities and heart rate. This monitoring can help physician to track the trend of the de-compensation and take the corrective action appropriately.

What are the red flag signs..?

1. A sudden drop in oxygen saturation of blood in an apparently healthy individual. This can happen because of acute infection like flu or severe cold.
2. A fall in SpO2 levels in a previously well optimized patient such as recipient of long term oxygen therapy who no longer able to maintain their regular saturation levels.
3. Sudden onset breathlessness in an otherwise healthy person
4. A high resting heart rate of more than 100 beats per minute ie tachycardia or very low pulse rates (less than 40 beats per minute)
5. Severe breathlessness episodes even if you find your SpO2 levels within normal range.

How to take control of your breath

Pursed lip breathing is an established practice for gaining control over your breath. It allows you to control the rate of exhalation and hence you can control your breath rate even on being out of breath. It also helps in emptying your lungs better and improves your effort tolerance before you feel breathless.
Pursed lip breathing can also be tried during periods of physical activity once patient is comfortable doing it during resting phase. It improves the level of physical activities attainable before running out of breath. It also improves the ventilation pattern and helps reduce the periods of respiratory decompensation and fall in SpO2.

Reduce the spells of breathlessness

Practice of deep breathing exercises can help a great deal to the respiratory patients. Gradual slow inhalation over 2-3 seconds and gradual exhalation over four to five seconds help you regularise your breath pattern. You can find out a rate and a breath pattern for yourself in consultation with your physician. You can also use the pulse oximeter when practicing this which will give a real time estimate of your SpO2 levels.

What is a good reading on a pulse oximeter?

Here are some general guidelines to understanding oximeter readings and SpO2 values. A normal healthy person should be able to achieve normal blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) of 94% to 99%. For patients with mild respiratory diseases, the SpO2 should be 90% or above. Hypoxemia is a below-normal level of oxygen in your blood, specifically in the arteries. … Values under 60 mm Hg usually indicate the need for supplemental oxygen. Normal pulse oximeter readings usually range from 95 to 100 percent. Values under 90 percent are considered low.

normal SpO2 level

A normal healthy person should be able to achieve normal blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) of 94% to 99%. For patients with mild respiratory diseases, the SpO2 should be 90% or above. Supplementary oxygen should be used if SpO2 level falls below 90%, which is unacceptable for a prolonged period of time.

What is normal range for Pulse?
60 to 100 beats per minute
The normal pulse for healthy adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. The pulse rate may fluctuate and increase with exercise, illness, injury, and emotions. Females ages 12 and older, in general, tend to have faster heart rates than do males.