Benefits of Daily Massage with SantaMedical Mini Penguin Massager.

Today in America most people understand the benefits of a massage as being a stress buster to be done during holidays. It is a costly affair and only the rich can afford those luxury spas and health clubs. people need to know how they can enjoy a free massage everyday and reap the numerous benefits it offers anywhere anytime.

A massage is a way of stimulating the Skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments by pressing and rubbing. It is being practiced for hundreds of years and even thousands of years in certain parts of the worlds. Today many corporate offices offer free massages to their employees just because of the reasons that you will be reading about.

There are many massaging devices like SantaMedical Mini Massager which offer deep tissue and muscle massage at the comfort of your homes. It combines two massage modes low and high for different areas of the body. These devices are portable and deliver effective massage just like a real one without the cost. Now let’s see why is thisĀ  massager recommended and what are the benefits.


  • Massage helps in lower back pain.

According to the Global Burden of Disease 2010, in U.S. 31 million people suffer from lower back pain at a time. This results in a cumulative cost of $51 million every year. A regular deep massage of the back as the study found can help. Actually what’s essential is bodywork in the back area.

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  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress.

A lot of problem which should have stayed away are introduced with stress. A nice massage reduces cortisol in the body and increases the levels of Dopamine and Serotonin. These are responsible for stress relief and clarity.

  • Enhances Immunity and improves Sleep

Massage stimulate the lymph nodes which are body’s natural defense system. It relaxes the muscles and releases the tension helping you sleep well. A massage helps you to reboot your system so you can be prepared for the day to come.

  • Helps Athletes to prepare and recover faster.

Daily massage helps to cure numbness and soreness in muscles which help in increased mobility. The effect of a massage on joint flexibility is quite beneficial for its functioning and flexibility.

  • The sitting jobs

A lot of Americans today work 8 to 9 hours in a sitting position and all the load goes to the back. In long term this leads to way many problems than imaginable. A 10 minute daily massage of the back will keep it fit and fine.

  • Helps increase your productivity.

Best for Last. Roughly 17% of companies offered workplace massages in the year 2017 with 3% of the companies planning to adopt it in the coming year. This is being done because people perform well if they experience a positive environment and they are stress free.


The numerous benefits offered by daily massage and the role of A Mini Penguin Massager is quite evident. You can check them out and read the reviews at Amazon and Walmart to know better.

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