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Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-120 with Neck/Wrist Cord

Santamedical SM-120 fingertip oximeter with low power consumption is ideal for spot-check measurements of oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin. It is equipped with an bright LED screen and powers off automatically 8 seconds after you pull out your finger to save energy. Free carry case comes with pulse oximeter purchase. This oximeter detects SpO2 and pulse rate through the patient's skin and indicates the pulse intensity with a bar graph. It is not appropriate for continuous monitoring over 2 hours. The measurement of SpO2 is taken from the arterial pulse, thus sufficient pulsating blood flow is required. For people with weak pulse due to shock, low ambient/body temperature, major bleeding, or use of a vascular contracting drug, the SpO2 waveform (Pleth waveform) will decrease.

Features :

  • One button operation.
  • Automatic power-off after 8 seconds without signal
  • Red LED Display
  • 3 parameters reading (SpO2, PR, and Bargraph to show pulse intensity)
  • Fast, accurate, continuous readings
  • Resistance to light interference
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Neck cord Extended Specifications
  • SPO2 Range: 0% - 99% 80% - 99%: +-2% 70% - 80%: +-3% Below 70%: unspecified Resolution: 1%
  • Pulse Rate Range: 30bpm - 255bpm, +-2bpm or +-2% Resolution: 1bpm
  • Battery Type: 2 AAA (1.5V) Alkaline batteries (not included) Low-Voltage indication Automatic power-off after 8 seconds
  • Optical Sensor Red light (660 nm wavelength) Infrared (940 nm wavelength)
  • Environmental Operating Temperature: 10C - 40C (50F - 104F) Storage Temperature: -20C - 55C (-4F - 131F) Operating humidity: 35% - 80% Storage Humidity: 10% - 100% Operating Pressure: 70kPa - 106kPa Storage Pressure: 50kPa - 106kPa
  • Dimensions Size: 58x32x34 mm (2.3x1.3x1.3 inch) Weight: 2.2oz(60g with battery weight)
  • Display Type: LCD Parameter: SpO2 (2-digit), PR (3-digit), bargraph (6-segment)

Product Features :

  • Bright LED Viewing Screen
  • 25 hours of continuous operation
  • Power Consumption: Less than 40mA
  • Pulse Wave: 6-segment bargraph
  • 1 Year Warranty

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