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Choice 500B Wrist Pulse Oximeter

Choice 500B Wrist Pulse Oximeter
MD500B is specially designed for anyone who needs to constantly monitor the blood pressure and SPO2 level.

Product Features

  • Wrist measurement, easy to use
  • Display NIBP+SpO2+PR
  • LED screen makes the result read very clearly
  • 90 times NIBP measurement result storage
  • Automatic NIBP measurement after power on
  • Compact and light design, convenience for carrying
  • Working with two AAA batteries
  • Low power indicator
  • Automatic power off

Technical Specifications


Measuring method                          Oscillometric method, automatic
                                                      inflation,automatic measurement,
                                                      90 times memory
Measuring range                             20mmHg~300mmHg(2.7KPa~40KPa)
Measuring accuracy                        within±3mmHg(0.4KPa)
Wrist cuff size                                 310mm×75mm
Pressurization                                 Automatic air inflation by an air
Defilation                                       Automatic exhaust
Automatic power off                      To be automatically cut off after 3
                                                      minutes of nonuse to save energy
Range                                             0%-99%
Resolution                                       1%
Accuracy                                        80%-99%: ±2%
                                                      70%-80%: ±3%
                                                      0%-69%: unspecified

Size                                                105×75×34mm
Weight                                            120g(without battery)

Heart (Pulse) Rate

Range                                              30-235 bmp
Resolution                                        1bmp
Accuracy                                         ±2bmp or ±2%

Alarm                                                Low power indicator

Type                                                  LCD
Parameters                                         NIBP,SpO2,SpO2 waveform
Mode                                                 6 SpO2 display modes
Brightness                                          Adjustable 10 levels SpO2 screen

Operating Temperature                          5-40?
Storage Temperature                           -10?-40?
Operating Humidity                              15%RH-80%RH
Storage Humidity                                 10%RH-80%RH

Type                                                   2AAA alkaline batteries
Operation Time                                   About 30 hours for normal

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